Be Humble, and Proudly, Psychologists Say

ETIn their day jobs, research psychologists don’t typically need safety goggles, much less pith helmets or Indiana Jones bullwhips.Oscar Wilde wrote that, before he found humility, he spent two years behind bars experiencing “anguish that wept aloud” and “misery that could find no voice” — which sounds more like defeat than victory. Read more »

What Causes a Mysterious Paralysis in Children? Researchers Find Viral Clues

Using sophisticated laboratory techniques, researchers found antibodies to enteroviruses in the cerebrospinal fluid of nearly 70 percent of the children with A.By comparison, the team, led by researchers from the University of California, San Francisco, found enterovirus antibodies in only 7 percent of children with other neurological illnesses. Read more »

Quantum Computing Is Coming, Bit by Qubit

ImageDario Gil, director of IBM Research, standing in front of the IBM Q System One quantum computer.A paper by Google computer scientists appeared on a NASA website, claiming that an innovative new machine called a quantum computer had demonstrated “quantum supremacy. Read more »

Dr. Bernard Fisher, Who Revolutionized Breast Cancer Treatment, Dies at 101

“He has to be considered the greatest revolutionary scientist in the history of breast cancer research,” a colleague said.”“He has to be considered the greatest revolutionary scientist in the history of breast cancer research,” Dr. Read more »

Steps to Prevent Dementia May Mean Taking Actual Steps

The Upshot|Steps to Prevent Dementia May Mean Taking Actual StepsThe New Health CareBrain-training apps can’t match the several ways that exercise benefits the mind, research shows.At least 150 minutes of moderate physical activity per week, including strength training, yields not just physical benefits but cognitive ones as well. Read more »

$260 Million Opioid Settlement Reached at Last Minute With Big Drug Companies

Health|$260 Million Opioid Settlement Reached at Last Minute With Big Drug CompaniesThe deal involves large pharmaceutical distributors and Teva, resolving cases that sought redress from the devastation caused by two decades of opioid abuse.Polster summoned chief executives for the three major drug distributors to the Federal Reserve courthouse in Cleveland for negotiations on Friday. Read more »

Add ‘Pseudo Thumb’ to the Aye-Aye Lemur’s Bizarre Anatomy

Science|Add ‘Pseudo Thumb’ to the Aye-Aye Lemur’s Bizarre AnatomyTrilobitesHiding in the weird creature’s palm was something that scientists had missed.ETMadagascar’s aye-aye lemur is an endearing aberration of an animal. Read more »

Zantac Recall Widens as Sanofi Pulls Its Drug Over Carcinogen Fears

Health|Zantac Recall Widens as Sanofi Pulls Its Drug Over Carcinogen FearsThe company’s announcement follows decisions by Walgreens, CVS and others to remove the drug from their shelves and after other manufacturers recalled their products.CreditCreditDrew Angerer/Getty ImagesThe French drug maker Sanofi said Friday that it was recalling the over-the-counter heartburn drug Zantac in the United States and Canada, a month after the Food and Drug Administration first alerted the public that versions of the drug contained low levels of a cancer-causing contaminant. Read more »

New Energy Secretary Fits Trend: Cabinet Dominated by Lobbyists

Out went Energy Secretary Rick Perry, the genial former governor of Texas and onetime Dancing with the Stars contestant.He pointed to David Bernhardt, a former oil and gas lobbyist who served as deputy secretary of the Interior Department before he replaced Mr. Read more »

Hikers Find Mystery Skeleton on Remote Mountain in California

ETHad they not gotten off track, a pair of hikers on Mount Williamson, California’s second-highest peak, would have missed it.In a remote area about three hours from the mountain’s summit, a bleached skull peeked out from beneath gray boulders. Read more »

W.H.O. Continues Emergency Status for Ebola Outbreak in Congo

Continues Emergency Status for Ebola Outbreak in CongoGlobal healthNew cases are down to 15 a week from a high of 128 in April, but outbreaks are still popping up in remote and dangerous mining areas.18, 2019The Ebola outbreak in the Democratic Republic of Congo is still a public health emergency and will be one for at least the next three months, the World Health Organization said on Friday. Read more »

A ‘Menopause Champion’ at Work? Yes. You Also Get Paid Leave.

”ImageChannel 4, a national television station in Britain, will offer female employees flexible work arrangements if they experience menopause symptoms.“This is Channel 4 living its remit, normalizing a taboo subject by making it more visible,” Channel 4’s chief executive, Alex Mahon, said in a statement. Read more »

NASA Astronauts Complete the First All-Female Spacewalk

VideoTwo American astronauts, Jessica Meir and Christina Koch, ventured out of the International Space Station on Friday — a milestone for NASA.VideoPresident Trump spoke to the astronauts Christina Koch and Jessica Meir, who stepped out of the International Space Station for the historic spacewalk on Friday. Read more »

Una olvidada versión nazi del DDT podría ayudar a combatir la malaria

Imaginemos que, después de que los aliados ganaron la Segunda Guerra Mundial, los oficiales de salud mundial hubieran empleado una versión nazi del DDT contra los mosquitos que transmiten la malaria.Gubler, profesor emérito del programa de enfermedades infecciosas en la Universidad de Duke y la escuela de posgrado en Medicina de la Universidad Nacional de Singapur. Read more »

Trilobite Fossils Show Conga Line Frozen for 480 Million Years

Science|Trilobite Fossils Show Conga Line Frozen for 480 Million YearsTrilobitesThe orderly collection of ancient arthropods suggests that complex social behavior goes way back in the history of life on Earth.At least 480 million years, according to a study published on Thursday in Scientific Reports. Read more »

Bank Regulators Present a Dire Warning of Financial Risks From Climate Change

Real estate markets are already feeling the effects of climate change, researchers say.These are a few of the warnings published on Thursday by the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco regarding the financial risks of climate change. Read more »

Despite Their Promises, Giant Energy Companies Burn Away Vast Amounts of Natural Gas

The practice has consequence for climate change because natural gas is a potent contributor to global warming.The company also said it was not putting new wells in the area unless they had access to a gas pipeline, reducing the need to burn off or vent excess natural gas. Read more »

A Nazi Version of DDT Was Forgotten. Could It Help Fight Malaria?

What if, after the Allies won World War II, world health officials had employed a Nazi version of DDT against mosquitoes that transmit malaria?In 2006, the World Health Organization endorsed the use of DDT as part of efforts to control malaria, primarily for the spraying of indoor walls. Read more »

Taking Ayahuasca When You’re a Senior Citizen

ImageTaking ayahuasca six years ago “changed my life completely,” said George Sarlo, pictured at his home in San Francisco.And, notably, ayahuasca’s increasing popularity knows no age limits: many of those now showing interest are squarely in Mr. Read more »

Court Blocks Trump’s Plan to Ease Bird Protections on Oil Lands

” The Trump administration’s plan, he wrote, was “designed to open up more land to oil, gas, and mineral extraction as soon as possible.”The decision is the first major legal ruling on the Trump administration’s plan to lift protections for the sage grouse. Read more »