How an Icy Moon of Saturn Got Its Stripes

Science|How an Icy Moon of Saturn Got Its StripesTrilobitesScientists have developed an explanation for one of the most striking features of Enceladus, an ocean world that has the right ingredients for life.A false-color mosaic of Saturn’s moon Enceladus, taken following a 2008 fly-by of NASA’s Cassini spacecraft. Read more »

Seawater Is Filled With a Sugary Feast. Here’s How Sponges Eat It.

Science|Seawater Is Filled With a Sugary Feast.But shaken, stirred and dissolved in seawater are microscopic morsels of sugars and carbs, known as dissolved organic matter. Read more »

As Water Runs Low, Can Life in the Outback Go On?

Fleur Magick Dennis and her son James carrying drinking water home from the town hall in Euchareena, Australia.But Australia, the most arid inhabited continent, is unique among developed nations in its vulnerability to the effects of climate change, scientists say. Read more »

The Interstellar Comet Has Arrived in Time for the Holidays

It is the second known interstellar object to enter our solar system, passing through at 110,000 miles per hour.In Spring 2019 this ice cube began falling into our own solar system. Read more »

Tracking Comet Borisov - The New York Times

An Interstellar Comet

On Sunday, a comet from beyond our solar system will make its closest approach to the sun.30 by Gennady Borisov, a comet hunter in Crimea who has discovered nine comets since 2013.
Read more »

Cannibalistic Dinosaurs Went Through a Lot of Teeth

Science|Cannibalistic Dinosaurs Went Through a Lot of TeethTrilobitesThe only known cannibal among dinosaurs replaced its pearly whites more often than scientists expected, and so did some other carnivores.Unlike humans, which lose just one set of teeth over a lifetime, dinosaurs often lost tens or even hundreds of sets. Read more »

Help! I am Allergic to Apples and Was Kicked Off a Plane

I am Allergic to Apples and Was Kicked Off a PlaneTripped UpIn this week’s Tripped Up column, Sarah Firshein investigates the rights that airplane passengers with allergies have when flying.AmandaDear Amanda,As a person without food allergies, I can’t even begin to imagine what that experience must have been like. Read more »

When a DNA Test Says You’re a Younger Man, Who Lives 5,000 Miles Away

Three months after his bone marrow transplant, Chris Long of Reno, Nev.It turned out that he had received a bone marrow transplant. Read more »

A Billion Pixels and the Search for India’s Crashed Moon Lander

The Indian space agency has been tight-lipped about the fate of Vikram, but crowdsourcing and NASA’s openness led to its discovery.A map of the moon’s surface, made by NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter, showing the Vikram spacecraft’s intended landing site. Read more »

World’s Oceans Are Losing Oxygen Rapidly, Study Finds

7, 2019The world’s oceans are gasping for breath, a report issued Saturday at the annual global climate talks in Madrid has concluded.It found that oxygen levels in the world’s oceans declined by roughly 2 percent between 1960 and 2010. Read more »

Nearly a Third of Teens Use One or More Tobacco Products

Those students reported more symptoms of nicotine addiction than those who used one tobacco product.“Youth use of any tobacco product, including e-cigarettes, is unsafe,” he said in a statement. Read more »

NASA’s Parker Solar Probe Is Unlocking the Sun’s Mysteries

VideoThe energetic particle instruments on NASA’s Parker Solar Probe have measured several never-before-seen events so small that all trace of them is lost before they reach Earth.VideoThe WISPR instrument on NASA’s Parker Solar Probe captured imagery of the constant outflow of material from the Sun during its close approach to the Sun in April 2019. Read more »

‘When Lambs Become Lions’ Review: An Ivory Poacher’s Perspective

The documentarian Jon Kasbe spent years among elephant hunters in Kenya, and his movie is an intense 74-minute distillation of his efforts.A view from the documentary “When Lambs Become Lions. Read more »

Her Heart Stopped for 6 Hours. Now She’s Ready to Go Back to Work.

But after she spent six hours in cardiac arrest, doctors managed to restart Ms.Her body temperature dropped sharply, she developed severe hypothermia, and she ultimately went into cardiac arrest. Read more »

Denmark Raises Antibiotic-Free Pigs. Why Can’t the U.S.?

BILLUND, Denmark — How many rounds of antibiotics does it take to raise a Danish pig?” “Our pig farmers are committed to what’s right for pigs, people and the planet,” she said. Read more »

Hair Dyes and Straighteners May Raise Breast Cancer Risk for Black Women

Health|Hair Dyes and Straighteners May Raise Breast Cancer Risk for Black WomenA new study finds a weak link between coloring and straightening treatments and breast cancer.African-American women were much more likely than white women to use hair straighteners, the researchers noted. Read more »

Fractured Forests Are Endangering Wildlife, Scientists Find

Animals in places with a long history of disturbances are relatively resilient, the researchers found.ImageSteller’s jay is found in the West, where species seem more resilient to the fragmentation of forests. Read more »

California Bans Insurers From Dropping Policies Made Riskier by Climate Change

The past two years of wildfires have shown that even insurers are struggling to predict the risks associated with climate change.But those changes highlight the obstacles facing insurers as climate change worsens. Read more »

Why Are These Foxes Tame? Maybe They Weren’t So Wild to Begin With

But the foxes’ ancestry raises new questions about when they became tame and what counts as domestication.“He saw these pictures of spotted foxes, and they looked just like the Belyaev foxes,” recalled Kathryn Lord, an animal behaviorist at the Broad Institute in Cambridge, Mass. Read more »

Hospitals Sue Trump to Keep Negotiated Prices Secret

The economists estimated that hospital inpatient prices increased 42 percent from 2007 to 2014.Three individual hospitals also joined the case. Read more »