When Romance Is a Scam

Vaca said.from consumers and local law enforcement show how sharply online romance fraud is increasing. Read more »

How to Flatten the Curve on Coronavirus

The longer it takes for coronavirus to spread the population, the more time hospitals have to prepare.The more people reporting with the virus on a given day, the higher the curve; a high curve means the virus is spreading fast. Read more »

The Babies Were Delivered. No One Realized the Mothers Had the Virus.

But soon after the babies were born, the mothers’ conditions “deteriorated very quickly,” and they were admitted to the intensive care unit, said Dr.at Long Island Jewish Medical Center and North Shore University Hospital, said Dr. Read more »

Live Coronavirus News Updates and Coverage

On Friday, President Trump signed into law a $2 trillion measure designed to respond to the coronavirus pandemic.Officials said late Friday that the number of coronavirus cases in New York City had climbed above 26,000. Read more »

Uranus Ejected a Giant Plasma Bubble During Voyager 2’s Visit

Science|Uranus Ejected a Giant Plasma Bubble During Voyager 2’s VisitTrilobitesThe planet is shedding its atmosphere into the void, a signal that was recorded but overlooked in 1986 when the robotic spacecraft flew past.An image by the Voyager 2 spacecraft taken in 1986. Read more »

More Americans Should Probably Wear Masks for Protection

Experts have started to question whether masks may offer at least some protection to healthy individuals and essential workers.recommend that people already infected with the coronavirus wear masks, to protect others who may come into close contact with them. Read more »

Infinite Visions Were Hiding in the First Black Hole Image’s Rings

The first image image of a black hole, taken by the Event Horizon Telescope and released to the world last April.“The image of a black hole actually contains a nested series of rings,” said Michael Johnson of the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics. Read more »

In Coronavirus, Industry Sees Chance to Undo Plastic Bag Bans

ETThey are “petri dishes for bacteria and carriers of harmful pathogens,” read one warning from a plastics industry group.The plastic bag industry, battered by a wave of bans nationwide, is using the coronavirus crisis to try to block laws prohibiting single-use plastic. Read more »

Coronavirus Symptoms Full List: What Are They? Is There a Cure?

ETAs the coronavirus continues to spread across the globe, the news is coming at a fast and furious pace.Here’s a list of frequently asked questions about the coronavirus outbreak and its symptoms. Read more »

Standing Rock Sioux Tribe Wins a Victory in Dakota Access Pipeline Case

Climate|Standing Rock Sioux Tribe Wins a Victory in Dakota Access Pipeline CaseDemonstrators protested against the Dakota Access Pipeline on the National Mall in Washington in 2017.Al Drago/The New York TimesBy March 25, 2020WASHINGTON — In a significant victory for the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe, a federal judge on Wednesday ordered a sweeping new environmental review of the Dakota Access Pipeline. Read more »

A.I. Versus the Coronavirus - The New York Times

I.Versus the CoronavirusA new consortium of top scientists will be able to use some of the world’s most advanced supercomputers to look for solutions. Read more »

What Made New York So Hospitable for Coronavirus?

Health|What Made New York So Hospitable for Coronavirus?Bryan Derballa for The New York TimesBy March 26, 2020Updated 9:48 a. Read more »

Coronavirus Doesn’t Slow Trump’s Regulatory Rollbacks

Federal employees across multiple agencies said the administration was racing to complete a half-dozen significant rollbacks over the coming month.They include a measure to weaken automobile fuel efficiency standards, which one person familiar with the plans said would be issued as early as next week. Read more »

Jane Goodall Is Self-Isolating, Too

Jane Goodall is in isolation these days along with everyone else, since a fund-raising tour was canceled because of the coronavirus pandemic.Today, the Jane Goodall Institute supports the continuation of the research she started at the Gombe Stream Research Centre as well as programs in community involvement in conservation, and education. Read more »

Neanderthals Feasted on Seafood, Seabirds, Perhaps Even Dolphins

trilobitesScientists say that a discovery in a seaside Portuguese cave further challenges popular images of Neanderthals as meat-eating brutes.”Archaeologists have previously found evidence that Neanderthals ate, collected and wore jewelry fashioned from shellfish. Read more »

Significance of Pangolin Viruses in Human Pandemic Remains Murky

But those viruses are not as close to the human virus as one called RaTG13, found in Chinese horseshoe bats.None of those viruses are similar enough to the human virus to indicate a direct spillover to humans. Read more »

Gilead Withdraws Request for Special Orphan Status on Experimental Coronavirus Treatment

Health|Gilead Withdraws Request for Special Orphan Status on Experimental Virus TreatmentCritics said the company was profiteering from the coronavirus pandemic by seeking tax and monopoly benefits under a program intended to encourage drug development for rare diseases.The company’s decision to seek orphan status for the drug had drawn immediate criticism. Read more »

Fossils Show Raptors Prowled North America Late in Dinosaurs’ Era

Science|Fossils Show Raptors Prowled North America Late in Dinosaurs’ EraTrilobitesThey were smaller than the creatures that savaged “Jurassic Park,” but may have had superior ability to stalk and take down prey.An artist’s reconstruction of Dineobellator notohesperus, and other Cretaceous dinosaurs from the Ojo Alamo Formation in New Mexico. Read more »

Can You Become Immune to the Coronavirus?

A study in macaques infected with the new coronavirus suggested that once infected, the monkeys produce neutralizing antibodies and resist further infection.But it is unclear how long the monkeys, or people infected with the virus, will remain immune. Read more »

Pablo Escobar’s Hippos Fill a Hole Left Since Ice Age Extinctions

Science|Pablo Escobar’s Hippos Fill a Hole Left Since Ice Age ExtinctionsTrilobitesInvasive herbivore mammals seem to restore functions missing in some food webs and ecosystems since the Pleistocene era.The team expected to find that assemblages of purely native species would be closest to Pleistocene ecosystems. Read more »