2019 Festival Albertine to Take On Climate Change

Arts|2019 Festival Albertine to Take On Climate ChangeBill McKibben will be the curator of the festival, dedicated to fostering French-American intellectual exchange, which this year focuses on the environment.ImageBill McKibben is an experienced environmentalist and the author of many works on climate change. Read more »

Trump Defends Plan to Kill California’s Auto-Emissions Authority

ETWASHINGTON — President Trump on Wednesday posted on Twitter an aggressive defense of his unprecedented move to abolish California’s legal authority to set its own standards on climate-warming automobile emissions.That outcome could split the United States auto market, with some states adhering to stricter pollution standards than others. Read more »

Greta Thunberg, on Tour in America, Offers an Unvarnished View

CreditCreditAnna Moneymaker/The New York TimesBy Published Sept.ETThese are some of the things that Greta Thunberg has learned on her American tour. Read more »

How to Cool a Planet With Extraterrestrial Dust

Science|How to Cool a Planet With Extraterrestrial DustA study of fossil meteorites suggests that a distant asteroid collision once sent Earth into an ice age.In sufficient amounts, extraterrestrial dust can cool Earth by blocking the amount of solar radiation that reaches the surface. Read more »

America’s Abortion Rate Has Dropped to Its Lowest Ever

The institute, which supports abortion rights, periodically compiles abortion data by surveying hospitals and abortion clinics, and by reviewing information from health departments and other sources.The abortion rate — the number of abortions per 1,000 women of reproductive age — dropped to 13. Read more »

Inside Conservative Groups’ Effort to ‘Make Dishwashers Great Again’

”The petition, titled “Make Dishwashers Great Again,” is just one part of a broad campaign coordinated by conservative organizations with ties to fossil-fuel companies.It has moved to allow companies to more easily opt out of testing meant to ensure that their products comply with efficiency standards. Read more »

What Can Brain Scans Tell Us About Sex?

The researchers, led by Hamid Noori at the Max Planck Institute for Biological Cybernetics in Germany, weren’t initially interested in exploring sexual behavior.This latter, more provocative finding yielded the paper’s title, “Neural Substrates of Sexual Arousal Are Not Sex Dependent. Read more »

Trump to Revoke California’s Authority to Set Stricter Auto Emissions Rules

17, 2019WASHINGTON — The Trump administration is expected on Wednesday to formally revoke California’s authority to set auto emissions rules that are stricter than federal standards, taking a major step forward in its wide-ranging attack on government efforts to fight climate change.If it was rejected by the Supreme Court, it would allow states to set separate tailpipe pollution standards from those set by the federal government. Read more »

The Most Powerful Lightning Strikes in Unexpected Places

Science|The Most Powerful Lightning Strikes in Unexpected PlacesTrilobitesSuperbolts are extremely rare, and thousands of times more powerful than the tendrils in the typical electrical storm.CreditCreditDarrin Zammit Lupi/ReutersThe average lightning strike can pack a punch. Read more »

Teenage Vaping Rises Sharply Again This Year

Health|Teenage Vaping Rises Sharply Again This Year Preliminary figures from a national survey show that the prevalence of e-cigarette use among minors has doubled from 2017 through this year, despite national campaigns warning of the dangers.ImageStudents who had vaped nicotine during the previous 12 months and those who had ever vaped nicotine also significantly increased in each grade this year over last year. Read more »

Meat Is Murder. But You Know That Already.

But “We Are the Weather” is best read as a collection of Foer’s thoughts about life and crisis.But industrial agriculture in general — the foundation of all of this — is an even bigger contributor, and that’s not all about meat. Read more »

Purdue Pharma, Maker of OxyContin, Files for Bankruptcy

A showdown in bankruptcy court in White Plains could come as early as this week.The new company would abide by restrictions on the marketing and sales of opioids. Read more »

As Congo’s Ebola Outbreak Drags On, Untracked Cases Sow Confusion

Global healthOn tour in Africa, American officials said the U.ETThe United States remains committed to fighting Ebola in Africa, American health officials said on Monday, but the scope of the current outbreak in the Democratic Republic of Congo has become somewhat unclear. Read more »

So You Think You Dove the Deepest? James Cameron Doesn’t.

The whereabouts of the planet’s deepest spot is widely agreed upon: the Challenger Deep, a muddy depression nearly seven miles down in a long fissure of the western Pacific, 200 miles southwest of Guam.The Challenger Deep was discovered by the H. Read more »

Why This Scientist Keeps Receiving Packages of Serial Killers’ Hair

It would make real a sci-fi future in which evading detection requires carefully sweeping up hair from a room.) “I discovered him,” said Dr. Read more »

Hurricanes May Kill Some Birds, but Humans Are the Real Threat

By destroying the environments where birds live, introducing alien predators and damaging the environment in other ways, humans gradually put birds, and of course other species, at risk.The introduction of alien predators to the island may have contributed to its disappearance. Read more »

Would a Purdue Bankruptcy Protect the Sacklers? Good Question.

Will the Purdue bankruptcy also shield the Sacklers from litigation?Simon said, bankruptcy would not shield them from criminal prosecution. Read more »

A Shadowy Industry Group Shapes Food Policy Around the World

“Under no circumstance does ILSI protect industry from being affected by disadvantageous policy and laws,” the group said in a statement.” In 2015, ILSI lost its special access to governing bodies at the World Health Organization after critics raised questions about its industry ties. Read more »

New York Moves to Ban Flavored E-Cigarettes by Emergency Order

ImageIf New York moves to ban flavored e-cigarettes, as planned, it would become the second state to do so, after Michigan.Cuomo of New York announced on Sunday that he would pursue emergency regulations this week to quickly ban the sale of flavored e-cigarettes. Read more »

Vaping Bad: Were 2 Wisconsin Brothers the Walter Whites of THC Oils?

What they found inside was not crystal meth or cocaine or fentanyl but slim boxes of vaping cartridges labeled with flavors like strawberry and peaches and cream., condo this past week, where an alleged cannabis vaping operation took place. Read more »