How Hot Was July? Hotter Than Ever, Global Data Shows

Hotter Than Ever, Global Data ShowsImageParisians cooled off in the fountains of the Trocadéro on July 25.CreditCreditAndrea Mantovani for The New York TimesWith temperatures soaring in Europe and Alaska, ice melting in Greenland and forests burning across Siberia, last month seemed like a blistering one worldwide. Read more »

Neil deGrasse Tyson’s Tweet on Mass Shooting Deaths Strikes a Nerve

Arts|Neil deGrasse Tyson’s Tweet on Mass Shooting Deaths Strikes a NerveAfter attacks in El Paso and Dayton killed more than 30 people, the astrophysicist apologized for his ill-timed attempt to add context.In the past 48hrs, the USA horrifically lost 34 people to mass shootings. Read more »

J. Robert Schrieffer, 88, Dies; Insight on Superconductivity Led to Nobel

Robert Schrieffer at the University of Pennsylvania in 1972 shortly after learning that he’d won the Nobel Prize in Physics.Indeed, an electrical current running around a ring of mercury at 7 degrees above absolute zero would, in principle, run forever. Read more »

Why Mathematicians Hate That Viral Equation

Science|Why Mathematicians Hate That Viral EquationEssayIt’s formatted to confuse people, and there are no interesting underlying concepts.By now, you’ve likely seen it:8 ÷ 2(2+2) =? Read more »

These Giant Parrots Once Roamed New Zealand

Science|These Giant Parrots Once Roamed New ZealandTrilobitesIt was three feet tall, likely flightless and weighed as much as some bowling balls.ImageAn artist’s rendering of the giant parrot Heracles inexpectatus, which might have stood three feet tall. Read more »

Russian Land of Permafrost and Mammoths Is Thawing

Oddities like the wolf’s head have been emerging more frequently in a land already known for spitting out frozen woolly mammoths whole.The thawing of the permafrost — along with other changes triggered by global warming — is reshaping this incredibly remote region sometimes called the Kingdom of Winter. Read more »

Burning of Mayan City Said to Be Act of Total Warfare

Image3-D models of two stone stelae collected from an ancient Mayan site in present-day Guatemala.One of the stelae bears a heiroglyph that says the city of Bahlam Jol “burned for the second time. Read more »

Algae Bloom Fouls N.J.’s Largest Lake, Indicating Broader Crisis

All of it is unfolding as Lake Hopatcong businesses watch income slip away.“They don’t seem as panicked about it as New Jersey,” said Laurie Murphy, 59, who runs Dow’s Boat Rental. Read more »

That Vexing Math Equation? Here’s an Addition

The equation was this one:8 ÷ 2(2+2) =?In other words, 2(2+2) should be evaluated first. Read more »

States Clash with Cities Over Potential Opioids Settlement Payouts

As lawyers for cities and counties push a plan for a nationwide settlement of opioid lawsuits, states push back, saying they should lead the way.CreditCreditMaddie McGarvey for The New York TimesOver the last 18 months, progress toward a settlement in the massive federal opioid litigation has stalled, even as the costs of the crisis continue to mount. Read more »

Europe’s Heat Wave, Fueled by Climate Change, Moves to Greenland

The heat wave, the second to hit Europe since late June, set temperature records in Paris, as well as in Germany, the Netherlands and other countries.But it said climate change had made the heat wave at least 10 times more likely. Read more »

The Math Equation That Tried to Stump the Internet

When confronted with 8 ÷ 2(2+2), everyone on Twitter agreed that the 2+2 in parentheses should be evaluated first.That’s what our teachers told us: Deal with whatever is in parentheses first. Read more »

A Battle Is Raging in the Tree of Life

Ctenophores, also called comb jellies, are soft blobs wreathed by feathery cilia.For the past decade, the two groups have been caught up in a raging battle, at least in the pages of scientific journals. Read more »

Seeking a Culprit When Bumblebee Carcasses Pile Up

TrilobitesBlame the linden trees?Piles of carcasses scattered beneath dozens of linden trees marked the largest mass bee kill ever recorded. Read more »

Wild Pups Romp Again in an African Paradise

ImageAfrican wild dogs were reintroduced to Gorongosa National Park only last year.“At the beginning of last year there were no wild dogs in Gorongosa, and now we’re closing in on 50. Read more »

LightSail-2 Mission Shows Solar Sailing’s Potential for Spaceflight

Science|LightSail-2 Mission Shows Solar Sailing’s Potential for SpaceflightThe spacecraft’s controllers on Earth succeeded in steering the spacecraft, demonstrating that mylar sails could be used for propulsion.Officials at the Planetary Society, the nonprofit organization that is running the mission, announced the achievement during a telephone news conference on Wednesday. Read more »

A Blood Test for Alzheimer’s? It’s Coming, Scientists Report

Health|A Blood Test for Alzheimer’s?Louis reported that they had devised the most sensitive blood test yet. Read more »

Meet the Beetles: Newly Discovered Brooklynites Have 6 Legs

By Aug 1, 2019[What you need to know to start the day: Get New York Today in your inbox.The species’ potential threat left Joseph Charap, the director of horticulture at Green-Wood Cemetery, somewhat apprehensive. Read more »

A Scoop About Neil Armstrong Arrived in a Plain Brown Envelope

Reader Center|A Scoop About Neil Armstrong Arrived in a Plain Brown EnvelopeTimes InsiderWhat happens when The Times gets documents by snail mail with what looks like an important story?But some still rely on an old-fashioned and decidedly low-tech tool: the plain brown envelope. Read more »

200 Reindeer Starved to Death. Experts Call It a Sign of Climate Change.

Ashild Onvik Pedersen, a terrestrial ecologist at the institute, said on Wednesday that climate change had increased the frequency and amount of rain in the high Arctic.In the early 20th century, the Svalbard reindeer population was severely depleted by hunting. Read more »