As Disasters Multiply, Billions in Recovery Funds Go Unspent

“There are opportunities to make the recovery process faster at every level,” said Marion McFadden, who ran the disaster recovery grants at HUD during the Obama administration.As a result, persuading Congress to provide money for recovery is just the beginning of the struggle for places hit by disasters. Read more »

For Artemis Mission to Moon, NASA Seeks to Add Billions to Budget

Science|For Artemis Mission to Moon, NASA Seeks to Add Billions to BudgetThe funds would help accelerate the agency’s schedule for returning astronauts to the lunar surface by 2024.Jim Bridenstine, NASA’s administrator, also said that the mission back to the moon would be called Artemis. Read more »

Hospitals Stand to Lose Billions Under ‘Medicare for All’

Or take another example: One hospital would get about $4,200 from Medicare for removing someone’s gallbladder.The yawning gap between payments to hospitals by Medicare and by private health insurers for the same medical services may prove the biggest obstacle for advocates of “Medicare for all,” a government-run system. Read more »