Coronavirus May Keep California’s Nursing Students From Graduating

When the coronavirus outbreak began to spread, she was ready to prepare her 85 nursing students for front-line care, if necessary.Yet a growing number of hospitals are discontinuing clinical rotations for the state’s nursing students. Read more »

California Cracks Down on Alternative Health Plans

Ricardo Lara, California’s insurance commissioner, reminded consumers that they could get regulated insurance that would “protect their health care rights.The plans, which have become increasingly popular, rely on pooling members’ contributions to cover their medical expenses, but they are not required to meet standards for traditional insurance plans. Read more »

New Unexplained Cases Reported in Oregon and California

Max Whittaker for The New York TimesNew cases in Oregon and California raise prospect of local person-to-person spread.South Korea reports 594 new cases, and the North calls for an all-out containment effort. Read more »

Coronavirus Diagnosis in California Highlights Testing Flaws

But by the end of the day, the agency had revised and broadened its testing criteria, adding to the number of Americans who qualify.In California, health officials are tracing close contacts of the woman, who lives in Solano County but has not otherwise been identified. Read more »

Justice Department Drops Antitrust Probe Against Automakers That Sided With California on Emissions

Climate|Justice Department Drops Antitrust Probe Against Automakers That Sided With California on EmissionsThe Justice Department was looking into whether the four automakers violated federal antitrust laws by reaching a deal with California to set tougher emissions standards.A spokeswoman from Ford confirmed Friday afternoon that the company had been notified by the Justice Department that the investigation was closed. Read more »

195 Quarantined in California After Fleeing Coronavirus Epicenter

Passengers disembarking a chartered flight from Wuhan, China, to March Air Reserve Base in Riverside County, Calif.A federal quarantine order in the United States is rare; the last one was imposed in the 1960s, but it was limited. Read more »

Inside the California Military Base a Coronavirus Evacuee Tried to Flee

The group arrived in the United States on Wednesday aboard the only chartered plane the State Department has flown to carry evacuees from China.From his room at an inn on the military base, Mr. Read more »

Waters Off California Acidifying Faster Than Rest of Oceans, Study Shows

Climate|Waters Off California Acidifying Faster Than Rest of Oceans, Study ShowsThe microscopic shell of foraminifera, a single-celled organism, magnified 650 times its size by a scanning electron microscope.ETCalifornia’s coastal waters are acidifying twice as fast as the rest of the oceans, a study published Monday shows. Read more »

California Bans Insurers From Dropping Policies Made Riskier by Climate Change

The past two years of wildfires have shown that even insurers are struggling to predict the risks associated with climate change.But those changes highlight the obstacles facing insurers as climate change worsens. Read more »

His White House Engulfed, Trump Keeps California in the Cross Hairs

WASHINGTON — President Trump has never been one to dive into the details of policy, especially now, as an impeachment inquiry threatens to engulf his administration.”Governor Newsom’s ex-wife, Kimberly Guilfoyle, now a Trump campaign adviser and girlfriend of Donald Trump Jr. Read more »

California to Stop Buying From Automakers That Backed Trump on Emissions

WASHINGTON — California’s government has hit back at automakers that sided with President Trump over the state on fuel efficiency standards, saying Sacramento will halt all purchases of new vehicles from General Motors, Toyota, Fiat Chrysler and other automakers that backed stripping California of its authority to regulate tailpipe emissions.Going forward, California’s state agencies will chiefly purchase cars from Ford, Honda, Volkswagen and BMW. Read more »

White House Pressed Car Makers to Join Its Fight Over California Emissions Rules

The company and others on Monday sided with the Trump administration in its battle over regulations designed to fight climate change.Given that its members were divided, the Alliance told the White House it would not be publicly siding with the Trump administration, according to a person familiar with the matter. Read more »

How Climate Change Could Shift California’s Santa Ana Winds, Fueling Fires

Eric Thayer for The New York TimesFor centuries, humans have experienced the fierce, hot and dry winds that are fanning California’s recent spate of wildfires.For more news on climate and the environment, follow @NYTClimate on TwitterBecause they start as zones of high-pressure air in the Great Basin, Santa Ana winds can be forecast. Read more »

California Emerged From Drought and Is Still Catching Fire

Climate|California Emerged From Drought and Is Still Catching FireFirefighters dousing a house at the Tick Fire in Agua Dulce, near Santa Clarita, Calif.That drought, atop years of record breaking temperatures, had helped spur the creation of enormous wildfires. Read more »

Justice Dept. Sues California to Stop Climate Initiative From Extending to Canada

Sues California to Stop Climate Initiative From Extending to CanadaMary Nichols, chairwoman of the California Air Resources Board, and Gov.The Justice Department cited the constitutional prohibition on states making their own treaties or agreements with foreign governments. Read more »

Hikers Find Mystery Skeleton on Remote Mountain in California

ETHad they not gotten off track, a pair of hikers on Mount Williamson, California’s second-highest peak, would have missed it.In a remote area about three hours from the mountain’s summit, a bleached skull peeked out from beneath gray boulders. Read more »

E.P.A. Bypassed Its West Coast Team as a Feud With California Escalated

A.A. Read more »

California Makes H.I.V.-Prevention Drugs Available Without a Prescription

I.I. Read more »

A ‘Chilling Message’: Trump Critics See a Deeper Agenda in California Feud

The fight over California’s fuel-economy standards fits into that last category, but legal experts said the Trump administration’s actions are new.“It looks like a search-and-destroy, and it sends a chilling message to other states,” said Barry Rabe, a professor of public policy at the University of Michigan. Read more »

E.P.A. Accuses California of ‘Significant’ Air and Water Problems

Accuses California of ‘Significant’ Air and Water ProblemsImageThe Trump administration has said it will withhold federal highway funds from California if it does not address a long list of health and environmental issues.01 MB

It is the latest in a series of aggressive actions that the Trump administration has taken against California since the state surprised the E.
Read more »