Social Distancing? You Might Be Fighting Climate Change, Too

Nicholas said.Nicholas was an author of a 2018 study that examines greenhouse gas emissions reductions in actions people take to fight climate change, and is currently writing a book about personal action and the climate crisis. Read more »

What Climate Change Can Teach Us About Fighting the Coronavirus

Gernot Wagner, a climate economist at New York University, called the virus “climate change on warp speed.The fossil fuel industry has pushed climate science denial into the public consciousness. Read more »

Climate Change Affected Australia’s Wildfires, Scientists Confirm

The researchers said the full influence of climate change on the fires was probably much greater, but that climate simulations, which form the basis of this type of study, underestimate trends in extreme heat in Australia compared with real-world observational data.But the real influence of climate change on the recent fire season in Australia is greater, he added. Read more »

Knitters Chronicle Climate Change One Stitch at a Time

ImagePeople knitting temperature scarves and other items at The Yarnery.“It’s a way to start a conversation about climate change that is different,” Ms. Read more »

We’ve Never Seen the Sun’s Top or Bottom. Solar Orbiter Will Change That.

ETSolar Orbiter is on its wayA rocket carrying Solar Orbiter, a probe that will take pictures of the top and bottom of the sun, launched Sunday night.The data from Solar Orbiter could help explain the sunspot cycle — Why does the cycle last 11 years? Read more »

Climate Change: It’s a Buzzkill for Bumblebees, Study Finds

Hot temperatures linked to climate change, especially extremes like heat waves, are contributing to the decline of these fuzzy and portly creatures, according to a study published Thursday in the journal Science.The counts provide rough evidence for the magnitude of decline among bumblebee species. Read more »

Conservative States Seek Billions to Brace for Disaster. (Just Don’t Call It Climate Change.)

The report does not cite climate change or global warming, though “climate change” pops up in footnotes citing articles and papers with that phrase in their titles.One of the states acknowledged that weather conditions were changing and seas were rising, but still mostly avoided the term climate change. Read more »

Children and Teen's Climate Change Lawsuit Dismissed by U.S. Court

17, 2020A federal appeals court has thrown out the landmark climate change lawsuit brought on behalf of young people against the federal government.Hurwitz in a 32-page opinion, climate change is not an issue for the courts. Read more »

Marine Labs on the Water’s Edge Are Threatened by Climate Change

DeFelice Marine Center, has successfully weathered many hurricanes since it opened its doors in 1986.The assault from climate change is slower but more relentless than any storm, and will ultimately do more damage. Read more »

Trump Rule Would Exclude Climate Change in Infrastructure Planning

It also has meant understanding the impacts of rising sea levels and other results of climate change on a given project.The court said the Trump administration had failed to justify reversing the Obama administration’s ruling that the pipeline would unduly worsen climate change. Read more »

Climate Change Is Ravaging the Arctic, Report Finds

Perovich, a professor of engineering at the Thayer School of Engineering at Dartmouth College and the lead author of the report’s chapter on sea ice.The results are from the annual Arctic report card, a peer-reviewed assessment produced by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration that takes a broad look at the effects of climate change in the region and compares current findings with the historical record. Read more »

California Bans Insurers From Dropping Policies Made Riskier by Climate Change

The past two years of wildfires have shown that even insurers are struggling to predict the risks associated with climate change.But those changes highlight the obstacles facing insurers as climate change worsens. Read more »

Climate Change Is Accelerating, Bringing World ‘Dangerously Close’ to Irreversible Change

”But reducing greenhouse gas emissions to fight climate change will require drastic measures, Dr.“So much of what we’re seeing is exactly consistent with what’s expected from climate change,” said Philip B. Read more »

Warming Waters, Moving Fish: How Climate Change Is Reshaping Iceland

But warming waters associated with climate change are causing some fish to seek cooler waters elsewhere, beyond the reach of Icelandic fishermen.The warmer waters mean that as some fish leave, causing financial disruption, other fish species arrive, triggering geopolitical conflicts. Read more »

Climate Change Poses Threats to Children’s Health Worldwide

Mona Sarfaty, the director of the program on climate and health at the Center for Climate Change Communication at George Mason University, who was not involved in the report.As a result, children absorb more air pollution given their body size than an adult would in the same situation. Read more »

This Is What Climate Change Sounds Like

Science|This Is What Climate Change Sounds LikeTrilobitesScientists and artists hope the emotional power of music will help move people to act on the climate crisis.A performance of “Climate,” by the composer Erik Ian Walker in collaboration with The ClimateMusic Project, at Grace Cathedral in San Francisco in 2016. Read more »

Taking a Different Approach to Fighting Climate Change

“The dominant discourse in climate change and energy transitions equates well-being to G.His research shows that reducing inequality — within countries and between them — would improve our ability to mitigate some of the worst effects of climate change, and provide for a more stable climate future. Read more »

In the Fight Against Climate Change, Not All Forests Are Equal

A new report suggests that gradual incursions on intact forests may have greater climate consequences than previously thought.Rodrigo Abd/Associated PressForests are a great bulwark against climate change, so programs to reduce deforestation are important. Read more »

Rex Tillerson Testifies in Exxon Climate Change Case

From 2014 on, Exxon publicly stated that it was estimating the possible costs of climate change regulation as a “proxy cost” that it included as part of its economic outlook.” The deception “exposed the company to greater risk from climate change regulation than investors were led to believe,” according to the lawsuit. Read more »

How Climate Change Could Shift California’s Santa Ana Winds, Fueling Fires

Eric Thayer for The New York TimesFor centuries, humans have experienced the fierce, hot and dry winds that are fanning California’s recent spate of wildfires.For more news on climate and the environment, follow @NYTClimate on TwitterBecause they start as zones of high-pressure air in the Great Basin, Santa Ana winds can be forecast. Read more »