The Thick Gray Line: Forest Elephants Defend Against Climate Change

There are fewer than 100,000 forest elephants left in Africa; more than half of them are thought to live in Gabon.Should forest elephants disappear, scientists estimated, Central Africa’s rain forest will lose about three billion tons of carbon — the equivalent of France’s total CO2 emissions for 27 years. Read more »

States Sue Trump Administration Over Rollback of Obama-Era Climate Rule

A Trump administration plan to regulate coal-fired plants more lightly faces a major legal challenge.She called the Trump administration plan a “do-nothing rule. Read more »

Greta Thunberg Prepares to Set Sail for U.N. Climate Talks

“I don’t know how tough this journey will be.“That, in order to travel with zero emissions, that we have to sail like this across the Atlantic Ocean. Read more »

Europe’s Heat Wave, Fueled by Climate Change, Moves to Greenland

The heat wave, the second to hit Europe since late June, set temperature records in Paris, as well as in Germany, the Netherlands and other countries.But it said climate change had made the heat wave at least 10 times more likely. Read more »

200 Reindeer Starved to Death. Experts Call It a Sign of Climate Change.

Ashild Onvik Pedersen, a terrestrial ecologist at the institute, said on Wednesday that climate change had increased the frequency and amount of rain in the high Arctic.In the early 20th century, the Svalbard reindeer population was severely depleted by hunting. Read more »

Greta Thunberg to Attend New York Climate Talks. She’ll Take a Sailboat.

“I’ve been offered a ride on the 60ft racing boat Malizia II.” The trip to New York is expected to take two weeks. Read more »

Moody’s Buys Climate Data Firm, Signaling New Scrutiny of Climate Risks

There have been few examples of cities or counties getting a lower rating because of climate risks.More than half of investors surveyed said that state and local governments were “hardly prepared” for climate change. Read more »

Heat Waves in the Age of Climate Change: Longer, More Frequent and More Dangerous

CreditTom Williams/CQ Roll Call, via Getty ImagesClimate change is also making heat waves longerThere’s another way that climate change worsens heat waves: by changing the jet stream.So when heat waves arrive, they stay in place longer. Read more »

We Went to the Moon. Why Can’t We Solve Climate Change?

]Could a “moon shot” for climate change cool a warming planet?And a determined faction even argues that climate change is a hoax, as President Donald Trump has falsely stated at various times. Read more »

Climate Change Fills Storms With More Rain, Analysis Shows

)Researchers have been studying the effects of climate change on tropical cyclones because those sorts of storms are driven by warm water.” The researchers used climate models to simulate how tropical cyclone intensity, or wind speed, and rainfall would change if hurricanes like Katrina, Irma and Maria had occurred absent climate change and under future climate scenarios. Read more »

Washington Floods Expose a Double Threat: Old Drains and Climate Change

ImageA flooded intersection in Washington on Monday.”Updating that infrastructure will be enormously expensive, experts warn, not just in Washington but around the country. Read more »

Climate Change Denialists Dubbed Auto Makers the ‘Opposition’ in Fight Over Trump’s Emissions Rollback

Car makers sought selected relief from Obama-era emissions standards, while other organizations pushed for a full rollback.The administration must stick with the rollback, he said in the email, addressed to members of the “Cooler Heads Coalition,” a loose-knit group of climate denialists that Mr. Read more »

As Coal Fades in the U.S., Natural Gas Becomes the Climate Battleground

An Xcel Energy coal fired power plant is seen in the background.Nationwide, energy companies plan to add at least 150 new gas plants and thousands of miles of pipelines in the years ahead. Read more »

How Do You Talk to Children About Climate Change?

, included a second grader who had an anxiety attack after discussing climate change with a teacher.Psychologists say the way parents and teachers talk about climate change with children has an effect on their young psyches. Read more »

Blue States Roll Out Aggressive Climate Strategies. Red States Keep to the Sidelines.

But these laws are passing almost exclusively in states controlled by Democrats, while Republican-led states have largely resisted enacting aggressive new climate policies in recent years.However, some of the new climate policies are striving to be much more far-reaching, affecting so many different industries that they could reshape the geography of America’s economy. Read more »

U.K. Official Suspended for Forcing Out Climate Protester by the Neck

K.K. Read more »

Demise of Gasoline Cars? What We Know About N.Y.’s Ambitious Climate Goals

CreditCreditBenjamin Norman for The New York Times[What you need to know to start the day: Get New York Today in your inbox.]The sweeping climate plan that New York lawmakers have agreed to pass sets the country’s most ambitious goals for eliminating greenhouse gas emissions: getting planet-warming carbon emissions almost down to zero by 2050. Read more »

E.P.A. Finalizes Its Plan to Replace Obama-Era Climate Rules

The Obama plan would have set national emissions limits and required the reconstruction of power grids to move utilities away from coal.Under the Trump administration’s interpretation, the agency only has authority over environmental infractions at individual plants, like chemical spills and improper handling of hazardous materials. Read more »

Climate Change Poses Major Risks to Financial Markets, Regulator Warns

ImageRostin Behnam, a trading regulator in Washington, issued a warning about risks to financial markets from global warming.“It’s abundantly clear that climate change poses financial risk to the stability of the financial system. Read more »

Even as Floods Worsen With Climate Change, Fewer People Insure Against Disaster

“They think they can gamble and avoid buying flood insurance,” said Paul Osman, chief of state floodplain programs for Illinois.When those increases started, “people started dropping policies,” said Karen McHugh, Missouri’s coordinator of the flood insurance program. Read more »