Lee Botts, Champion of the Great Lakes, Is Dead at 91

Her environmental work touched practically every drop of water and every mile of shoreline in the Great Lakes basin and educated numerous people in its ecology.She founded two influential nonprofit Great Lakes environmental organizations — the Lake Michigan Federation, a multistate alliance of environmental groups, and the Indiana Dunes Environmental Learning Center, a program based at the national park. Read more »

You’re Swabbing a Dead Gorilla for Ebola. Then It Gets Worse.

Scientists had hoped to predict human outbreaks of Ebola by finding the virus in dead animals.ETThe worst part of sampling a dead gorilla for Ebola, said Dr. Read more »

Michael Coe, Maya Scholar and Codebreaker, Is Dead at 90

He authenticated the oldest written manuscript in the Americas and proved that the Maya written language was surprisingly complex.First exhibited at the Grolier Club in Manhattan in 1971, it is one of only four written Maya works known to have survived marauding Spanish conquistadors and purges by Roman Catholic priests. Read more »

Stephen Lukasik, 88, Who Pushed Tech in National Defense, Is Dead

He oversaw the Defense Department’s research division in the 1960s and ’70s, when it made great early strides in nuclear-device detection, artificial intelligence and computer networking.ImageStephen Lukasik, right, received a Defense Department award from Secretary James R. Read more »

Napoleon Chagnon, 81, Controversial Anthropologist, Is Dead

ETNapoleon Chagnon, a cultural anthropologist whose studies of the indigenous Yanomami people of the Amazon rain forest made them famous but whose methods provoked intense disputes among other anthropologists, died on Sept.His data, collected over decades, he said, showed that 44 percent of Yanomami men over 25 had participated in killing someone, that 25 percent of Yanomami men were killed by other Yanomami men, and that men who killed were more highly esteemed and had more wives and children than men who did not. Read more »

‘Something I’m Always Trying to Do Is Get You to Hang Out With Dead Bodies’

Book Review|‘Something I’m Always Trying to Do Is Get You to Hang Out With Dead Bodies’Inside the ListImageCaitlin DoughtyCreditCreditMara ZehlerSept.As she says on an episode of her podcast, “Ask a Mortician,” “Something I’m always trying to do is get you to hang out with dead bodies — specifically, the dead bodies of people that you love. Read more »

These Marsupials Drop Dead After Mating

Science|These Marsupials Drop Dead After MatingTrilobitesThis extreme reproductive strategy has been observed in the wild for the first time among male kalutas, mouselike mammals native to Northwestern Australia.A new study has found that male kalutas are semelparous, meaning that they die shortly after mating. Read more »

Ann Nelson, Expert on Particle Physics, Is Dead at 61

Sakurai Prize, considered the highest prize in particle physics outside the Nobel., on April 29, 1958, the oldest of three daughters of Howard and Dorothy Ann Nelson. Read more »

Tree Stumps Are Dead, Right? This One Was Alive

ImageA kauri tree stump in a rain forest in New Zealand with sap flow sensors and other equipment attached.CreditCreditSebastian LeuzingerBy Jul 25, 2019In a rain forest near Auckland, New Zealand, a leafless kauri tree stump rises a few feet off the ground. Read more »

Scientists Are Giving Dead Brains New Life. What Could Go Wrong?

, let’s see if this” — slices of cellularly revived brain tissue — “is the way to go,” Sestan said.“It’s kind of amazing, considering everything that came later, but that was the origin,” Sestan told me. Read more »

A Plan to Mine the Minnesota Wilderness Hit a Dead End. Then Trump Became President.

ImageAndrónico Luksic’s plan for a copper mine in Minnesota was blocked by President Barack Obama.” It also mentioned the “interesting coincidence” surrounding the rental of the Luksic house to Mr. Read more »

Goro Shimura, 89, Mathematician With Broad Impact, Is Dead

ImageThe mathematician Goro Shimura in 1964, the year he became a professor at Princeton University.The death was announced by Princeton University, where Dr. Read more »

On a Coastline With 1,200 Dead Dolphins, Fishermen and Conservationists Clash

Activists from an environmental group, the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, have just completed a two-month effort to document the deaths and which vessels cause them.CreditAndrea Mantovani for The New York TimesImageEvery night around 1 a. Read more »