Dr. Janette Sherman, 89, Early Force in Environmental Science, Dies

A chemist by training, she took up toxicology and helped pinpoint how hazardous substances, toxic chemicals and nuclear radiation could lead to cancer, birth defects and other diseases.Their jobs, the report said, were “associated with increased amounts of chronic bronchitis, chronic obstructive lung disease, or other disabling and killing diseases. Read more »

Dr. Wayne Bardin, 85, Innovative Researcher on Birth Control, Dies

“As much as he respected basic research, Dr.Seeking a successor to Norplant, Dr. Read more »

Norman Myers Dies at 85; Sounded Early Alarm on Environment

Norman Myers, pictured in 2007, was one of the earliest experts to sound the alarm on the extinction of species.His daughter Malindi Myers said the cause was Lewy body dementia and Parkinson’s disease. Read more »

Sheldon Breiner, 82, Dies; Used Magnetism for Explorations

He developed the techniques he used to help locate sunken submarines and enormous stone heads, as well as early applications for artificial intelligence.The geophysicist Sheldon Breiner doing field work in 1964. Read more »

Victoria Braithwaite, Researcher Who Said Fish Feel Pain, Dies at 52

”While there, he ponders reports of recent scientific research demonstrating that fish can feel pain.They were written by Victoria Braithwaite, then a senior lecturer at the University of Edinburgh, who died on Sept. Read more »

John T. Tate, Familiar Name in the World of Numbers, Dies at 94

His death was confirmed by Harvard University, where he taught for many years.Ribet, a mathematician at the University of California, Berkeley, and a former a graduate student of Dr. Read more »

Woodie Flowers, Who Made Science a Competitive Sport, Dies at 75

ETWoodie Flowers, an innovative and flamboyant mechanical engineering professor at M.His death, at Massachusetts General Hospital, was caused by a sudden acute illness following aorta surgery, his wife, Margaret Flowers, said. Read more »

Dr. Bernard Fisher, Who Revolutionized Breast Cancer Treatment, Dies at 101

“He has to be considered the greatest revolutionary scientist in the history of breast cancer research,” a colleague said.”“He has to be considered the greatest revolutionary scientist in the history of breast cancer research,” Dr. Read more »

Aleksei Leonov, First to Walk in Space, Dies at 85

ImageThe cosmonaut Aleksei Leonov in Moscow in March 1965, just days after he became the first man to walk in space.His death was announced by Roscosmos, the Russian space agency, on its website. Read more »

Joachim Messing, 73, Who Charted the DNA of Viruses and Plants, Dies

Science|Joachim Messing, 73, Who Charted the DNA of Viruses and Plants, DiesHis “shotgun sequencing” helped decode genetic information faster, transforming agriculture, medicine and the basic sciences.“Jo’s approach to the development of his DNA sequencing tools was to spread them freely and widely,” a colleague said. Read more »

Steven Gubser, a Bright Star in the Physics Universe, Dies at 47

He sought to make physics accessible to both students and the general public, writing “The Little Book of String Theory” and “The Little Book of Black Holes.That means that string theory could be used to solve problems in traditional quantum theory and that, conversely, traditional quantum theory could be used to describe quantum gravity — the missing force in the Standard Model. Read more »

Sally Floyd, Who Helped Things Run Smoothly Online, Dies at 69

ImageThe computer scientist Sally Floyd in an undated photo.Though not readily visible to internet users, it helps traffic on the network flow smoothly during periods of overload. Read more »

Dr. Donald Lindberg, 85, Dies; Opened Medical Research to the World

As director of the National Library of Medicine, the world’s largest medical library, he digitized its holdings to make them available to experts globally.After several moves, it landed permanently on the sprawling campus of the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda in 1962. Read more »

Liane Russell, Who Studied Radiation’s Effects on Embryos, Dies at 95

There she helped identify the harmful effects of radiation and chemicals on mice embryos and the genetic implications of such damage.In 2001, Oak Ridge dedicated a new lab to mouse research, naming it the William L. Read more »

Donald Klein, Who Expanded the Psychiatric Toolbox, Dies at 90

His wife, Rachel Klein, said the cause was cardiopulmonary arrest.”Since psychiatric problems aren’t easily measured the way, for instance, a heart rate is, methods to gauge a medicine’s effects were needed. Read more »

Kary B. Mullis, 74, Dies; Found a Way to Analyze DNA and Won Nobel

Polymerase, an enzyme that synthesizes polymers and nucleic acids, is essential in creating DNA and RNA, the molecules that are responsible for coding DNA.Before PCR, amplifying DNA took weeks, because it had to be generated in bacteria. Read more »

Dr. John Hansen, Who Made Marrow Transplants Safer, Dies at 76

CreditCreditThe Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research CenterDr.As a clinical researcher at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle from 1977 until he retired last year, Dr. Read more »

J. Robert Schrieffer, 88, Dies; Insight on Superconductivity Led to Nobel

Robert Schrieffer at the University of Pennsylvania in 1972 shortly after learning that he’d won the Nobel Prize in Physics.Indeed, an electrical current running around a ring of mercury at 7 degrees above absolute zero would, in principle, run forever. Read more »

Border Collie Trained to Recognize 1,022 Nouns Dies

ImageChaser, a Border collie who gained fame for being trained to recognize more than 1,000 nouns, died at the age of 15.CreditCreditvia Pilley BianchiMany owners struggle to teach their dogs to sit, fetch or even bark on command, but John W. Read more »

Man Dies of ‘Brain-Eating’ Amoeba After Swimming in Lake

|Man Dies of ‘Brain-Eating’ Amoeba After Swimming in LakeNaegleria fowleri, a single-celled organism found in warm freshwater, can be fatal if it enters the body through the nose.CreditCreditCenters for Disease Control and PreventionA man in North Carolina died on Monday after he went swimming in a lake and was infected by Naegleria fowleri, a single-celled organism known as the “brain-eating amoeba. Read more »