Neanderthal Genes Hint at Much Earlier Human Migration From Africa

As a result, Neanderthals were already carrying genes from modern humans when the next big migration from Africa occurred, about 140,000 years later.The standard method was built on the assumption that most Africans had no Neanderthal DNA at all. Read more »

Humans Dominated Earth Earlier Than Previously Thought

A new report by a worldwide collection of archaeological experts has found that human activity began altering the planet 3,000 years ago, much earlier than previously estimated.29, 2019Humans substantially altered the planet much earlier than previously thought, a worldwide collection of archaeological experts reported Thursday. Read more »

Earlier Ebola Outbreaks, and How the World Overcame Them

ImageA police officer followed the coffins of two victims of Ebola into a graveyard in Butembo, Democratic Republic of Congo.On Wednesday, the World Health Organization declared the country’s Ebola outbreak an international emergency. Read more »