Trump Administration Threatens to Cut U.S. Highway Funds From California

Highway Funds From CaliforniaSaying California has the worst air quality in the country, the E.ImageAndrew Wheeler, the Environmental Protection Agency administrator, warned that Washington might withhold federal highway funds from California. Read more »

As Disasters Multiply, Billions in Recovery Funds Go Unspent

“There are opportunities to make the recovery process faster at every level,” said Marion McFadden, who ran the disaster recovery grants at HUD during the Obama administration.As a result, persuading Congress to provide money for recovery is just the beginning of the struggle for places hit by disasters. Read more »

Planned Parenthood Refuses Federal Funds Over Abortion Restrictions

ImageA Coalition for Life staff member, near the entrance of a Planned Parenthood clinic in May, in Missouri.Over all, Planned Parenthood gets more Title X money than any single group, and it serves 40 percent of all Title X patients. Read more »