This Elusive Creature Wasn’t Seen for Nearly 30 Years. Then It Appeared on Camera.

Science|This Elusive Creature Wasn’t Seen for Nearly 30 Years.A silver-backed chevrotain, once thought “lost” to science, spotted by a camera trap. Read more »

Navy Submarine, Missing for 75 Years, Is Found Off Okinawa

S.S. Read more »

Trilobite Fossils Show Conga Line Frozen for 480 Million Years

Science|Trilobite Fossils Show Conga Line Frozen for 480 Million YearsTrilobitesThe orderly collection of ancient arthropods suggests that complex social behavior goes way back in the history of life on Earth.At least 480 million years, according to a study published on Thursday in Scientific Reports. Read more »

India’s Chandrayaan-2 Marks 60 Years of Moon Crashes and Hard Landings

India’s Chandrayaan-2 moon lander made a hard landing on Sept.Finding Vikram

India lost communication with Chandrayaan-2’s lander, named Vikram, as it descended toward a planned landing site near the moon’s south pole.
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Newark Water Crisis: Racing to Replace Lead Pipes in Under 3 Years

Baraka said at a news conference in Newark, standing with the governor and about two dozen other New Jersey officials.The city has thousands more lead service lines — garden-hose size pipes that connect its water mains to individual properties — to replace than did Flint, Mich. Read more »

A Shipwreck, 500 Years Old, Appears on the Baltic Seabed

” VideoCreditCreditVideo by Deep Sea Productions/mmtFor 500 years, the Baltic Sea held in its depths a tall ship of the Renaissance era.]“It’s amazing,” said Rodrigo Pacheco-Ruiz, a maritime archaeologist at the University of Southampton, in Britain, who led the investigation. Read more »

For 50 Years Since Apollo 11, Presidents Have Tried to Take That Next Giant Leap

ImageAn image of the Apollo program's Saturn V rocket was projected this week onto the Washington Monument.After the Apollo program ended, other presidents promised to go back to the moon — or send humans to Mars or even land astronauts on asteroids. Read more »

A Software Upgrade (After 40 Years) Aims to Improve U.S. Weather Forecasts

Weather ForecastsImageA view of Hurricane Sandy along the East Coast of the United States, looking south, in 2012.Using huge amounts of computing power, the software, known as the Global Forecast System, or G. Read more »

Companies See Climate Change Hitting Their Bottom Lines in the Next 5 Years

By the companies’ own estimates, a majority of those financial risks could start to materialize in the next five years or so.The disclosures show how business leaders expect climate change, and the policy responses to it, to ripple through every corner of the global economy. Read more »

Measles Outbreak: Cases Reach Highest Level in More Than 25 Years

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said Thursday that there had been 971 known cases of measles in the United States so far this year.That is eight more cases than in 1992, the previous high since vaccines became widely used, when 963 cases were reported in the United States all year. Read more »

How Volunteer Sleuths Identified a Hiker and Her Killer After 36 Years

On Tuesday, more than 36 years after she died, the Washoe County Sheriff’s Office announced her name: Mary Edith Silvani, born Sept.The role that a group of volunteer sleuths played in the investigation is a bit different from that in other recent cases. Read more »

Missing Piece of Stonehenge Returned From Florida 60 Years After Removal

Europe|Missing Piece of Stonehenge Returned From Florida 60 Years After RemovalImageWorkers raising three pieces of a standing stone in 1958 after it had fallen to the ground at Stonehenge.CreditCreditEnglish Heritage, via ReutersLONDON — A missing piece of Stonehenge has been returned to Britain 60 years after it was taken, and the piece is likely to provide clues to the origins of the prehistoric monument, said English Heritage, the organization that takes care of the site, on Wednesday. Read more »