A.I. Versus the Coronavirus - The New York Times

I.Versus the CoronavirusA new consortium of top scientists will be able to use some of the world’s most advanced supercomputers to look for solutions. Read more »

What Made New York So Hospitable for Coronavirus?

Health|What Made New York So Hospitable for Coronavirus?Bryan Derballa for The New York TimesBy March 26, 2020Updated 9:48 a. Read more »

Senate Passes Aid Package - The New York Times

Andrew Cuomo said there were early signs that New York’s restrictions on gatherings could be slowing the virus but that more needed to be done in New York City.As the number of confirmed coronavirus cases in New York continued to grow — reaching more than 30,000 — Gov. Read more »

Welcome to the Virosphere - The New York Times

Earlier this month, a team of virologists gave this new virus a new name: SARS-CoV-2.They have uncovered hundreds of thousands of new species that have yet to be named. Read more »

C.D.C. Gives New Guidelines, New York to Close Restaurants and Schools and Italian Deaths Rise

City Hall also announced on Sunday night that it would order all bars and restaurants to close.The decision to close New York City’s schools came after the mayor faced increasing pressure throughout the day, including from the governor. Read more »

Why Soap Works - The New York Times

When you wash your hands with soap and water, you surround any microorganisms on your skin with soap molecules.THE CORONAVIRUS has a membrane of oily lipid molecules, which is studded with proteins that help the virus infect cells. Read more »

The Coronavirus Outbreak - The New York Times

We are providing free access to the most important news and useful guidance on the coronavirus outbreak to help readers understand the pandemic.The articles on this page are available if you have a New York Times account. Read more »

Flattening the Coronavirus Curve - The New York Times

“Folks in the preparedness and public health community have been thinking about all of these issues for many years,” Dr.The more people reporting with the virus on a given day, the higher the curve; a high curve means the virus is spreading fast. Read more »

Haunted by a Gene - The New York Times

Over time, Dr.“She’s a remarkable human being who’s been an incredible leader of a scientific initiative,” said Dr. Read more »

How to Quarantine Yourself - The New York Times

More than 2,700 are in quarantine in New York City.But first, you or one of your friends or family members have to find masks, which are sold out almost everywhere. Read more »

Whisky Knows Her Toys - The New York Times

TrilobitesA Border collie in Norway learned the names and categories of her many, many toys, just by playing a game with her owners.She is a Border collie that lives with her owners and almost 100 toys, so it seems like things are going pretty well for her. Read more »

Letter of Recommendation: Starlings - The New York Times

I’ve heard everything from them over the years: other bird calls, human voices, car horns, jackhammers, backup beeps, snippets of ice-cream-truck jingle.The birds’ phrasings are both melodic and mechanical, cyclical and spontaneous, like the wordless vocables of scat singers. Read more »

Coronavirus: Officials Eye First Suspected Case in New York City

The sight of people wearing masks had become more common in New York City as officials prepared for the arrival of the virus.If confirmed, it would be the first known instance of the virus in New York City. Read more »

CPR, by Default - The New York Times

the new old ageWhen very old patients suffer cardiac arrest, doctors usually try to revive them — even if they were already near death.The paramedics determined that she was in cardiac arrest, began cardiopulmonary resuscitation and put a breathing tube down her throat. Read more »

I Quit Chewing Gum - The New York Times

Photo Illustration by Tony Cenicola/The New York TimesIt’s costly.Orbit, Sweet Mint, its packet pale green, like money, like the approximately $5,500, conservatively calculated, I’ve spent on gum since then. Read more »

New York State Investigates Christian Health Cost-Sharing Affiliate

ETNew York State officials are investigating a business representing a major Christian group offering an alternative to health insurance, joining several states scrutinizing these cost-sharing programs that provide limited coverage.On Wednesday, New York state insurance regulators issued a subpoena to Aliera, which markets the Christian ministry run by Trinity Healthshare, according to people who have seen the subpoena. Read more »

Tracking Comet Borisov - The New York Times

An Interstellar Comet

On Sunday, a comet from beyond our solar system will make its closest approach to the sun.30 by Gennady Borisov, a comet hunter in Crimea who has discovered nine comets since 2013.
Read more »

Germany Mandates Measles Vaccine - The New York Times

A child receiving a measles vaccine in Munich in May.Outbreaks of the disease have been on the rise globally, and health officials in Germany have recorded 501 cases this year. Read more »

Meet the Bloodsuckers - The New York Times

Suspicious officials called in Sebastian Kvist, curator of invertebrates at the Royal Ontario Museum, to identify the smuggled contraband.Mark Siddall, a curator and professor at New York’s American Museum of Natural History known far and wide as “the leech guy,” bows to no one in his admiration. Read more »

Fossil Fuels on Trial: New York’s Lawsuit Against Exxon Begins

Protesters gathered outside Manhattan Supreme Court before a lawsuit against Exxon Mobil began on Tuesday.CreditJefferson Siegel for The New York TimesBy Oct. Read more »